Photo taken at Everglades National Park
The Everglades are an incredible ecosystem. About
40 different mammals, 50 unique reptiles and more than 300 fish call the Everglades home.

Photo taken at: Everglades National Park

Photo taken at Everglades, Florida
The Everglades in Florida are probably the biggest ecosystem that humans have tried to reshape and control in order to fit their agenda.

Photo taken at: Everglades, Florida

Photo taken at Tucson, Arizona
In Southern Arizona you find these mountains that pop up suddenly in the middle of a mostly desert, flat environment. Their are called Sky Islands and are really important because they create an habitat that is completely different from their surrounding, those allowing an incredible biodiversity.

Photo taken at: Tucson, Arizona

Photo taken at Glacier National Park
So far more than 120 of 150 glaciers that gave Glacier National Park (Montana, USA) its name disappeared

Photo taken at: Glacier National Park

Photo taken at Glacier National Park
When I visited Glacier National Park one year ago, I was expecting to find more snow even on the mountain tops even if summer was already at its start.
Of the 150 glaciers that gave this park its fame less than 30 are left today

Photo taken at: Glacier National Park

Photo taken at Kivalina, Alaska
Kids from Kivalina, a small Alaskan town above the Arctic Circle whose lifestyle and existence is threatened by climate change

Photo taken at: Kivalina, Alaska

Photo taken at Nibutani
Old Ainu artisan in his workshop crafting a Nibutani Ita, a traditional carved wooden tray from Hokkaido

Photo taken at: Nibutani

Photo taken at Palau, Italy
Traditional Men’s House in Palau

Photo taken at: Palau, Italy

Photo taken at Palau
Palau si made of thousands of small islands that sit just above see level

Photo taken at: Palau

Photo taken at Koror, Palau
An aerial view of Palau, a small archipelago country in the Pacific Ocean I visited last year. Most of its 20.000 inhabitants live in the economical hub of Koror that can be seen in this shot

Photo taken at: Koror, Palau

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